Getting started
Robbie Caponetto

What You'll Need:

• florist foam
• sharp knife
• heavy-weight garden urn
• cool-temperature glue gun and glue sticks
• 6 dry, bare tree branches sturdy enough to hold ornaments (we used oak)
• dry sheet moss
• 10 vase ornaments (more, if desired)
• 10 dendrobium orchid stems (more, if desired); if orchids are unavailable, try cut flowering stems of paperwhite narcissus, small roses, or spider mums.

Insert florist foam
Robbie Caponetto

Step 1

Cut a piece of dry florist foam block so that it will fit tightly inside your urn; insert into urn.

Attach with glue
Robbie Caponetto

Step 2

Use a glue gun to secure branches into the foam. Apply glue to the tip of each branch before inserting into the foam. Add more glue around the base of each branch after inserting.

Add moss
Robbie Caponetto

Step 3:

When you’ve added all of the branches, fill in around them (and cover all the foam) with a mound of moss; secure with glue.

Add personal flair
Robbie Caponetto

Decorating Tip

Add vase ornaments, and fill each with water and a single orchid stem, usually available at grocery stores this time of year. If you change the water every few days, your orchids will last a week or longer. Replace flowers when they begin to brown.

–Sarah Kinbar, Cottage Living

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