Holly and Berry china
Howard L. Puckett

Good Morning

On a Christmas morning breakfast table, the cheerful delicate pattern of holly leaves sets a festive tone for the day.

Holly & Berry Gold by Noritake

Howard L. Puckett

Pattern Play

The rhythmic pattern of a simple floral motif adds authority to our table -- perfect for dinner with the In-Laws.

Matignon by Robert Haviland & C. Parlon through Mottahedeh

Howard L. Puckett

Well Red

The elegant ribbon entwined with a garland would be a perfect analogy for the profound conversations of your book group holiday gathering.

Noel by Porcel through Mottahedeh

Paris Sienne
Howard L. Puckett

Set a Mood

Bold scrolls set an irresistibly festive mood, perfect for your supper club holiday party.

Paris Sienne by J.L. Coquet through DeVine Corporation

Holly Wreath
Howard L. Puckett

One and All

The elegant restraint of this simple garland suits a variety of personality types, perfect for your choral group get-together.

Holly Wreath by Vera Wang Wedgwood

Howard L. Puckett

Soldier Sweet

The regimental order of toy soldiers encircling this pattern makes it perfect for post-Nutcracker dessert and hot chocolate.

Grenadiers by Bernaudaud

Chinese Bouquet
Howard L. Puckett

Green Leaves

A classic pattern rendered in green is welcome any time of year, but is especially well-suited to your elegant Christmas Eve table.

Chinese Bouquet by Herend

St. Petersburg
Howard L. Puckett

Christmas Dinner

When the whole family gathers at your table, the royal style of this pattern will reflect the importance of the occasion.

St. Petersburg by Pickard
–Courtesy of Southern Accents

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