Wall-mounted TV
Thibault Jeanson

Form and Function

A wall-mounted TV affords prep-time viewing in the kitchen at left, where its discreet size helps it blend in. But in other cases, the set can be a more overt presence. "If the primary purpose for being in a room is to watch television, then it's not necessary to go to extreme lengths to hide it," says Virginia designer Barry Dixon.

Technology is a fact of life, but disguising it is no longer complicated. "I love the way that plasma screens have freed us from the expected ways of hiding a television," Dixon continues. "I used to say to clients, 'That armoire has made it through two centuries without being altered, and now you want to cut a hole in the back?'"

SCREENPLAY: "Place a television in a cabinet that's been built or painted to blend into the decor," says Cathy Kincaid, a Dallas-based designer. "Or for the kitchen, use cabinetry with glass doors and place sheer curtains behind the glass to hide the television when it's not in use."

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