Cheerful window box

Colorful Fall Flower Boxes

Enhance your home's exterior with cool autumn colors and decorative window boxes. » See Photos

Ornamental kale and lights Create a Warm, Fall-Inspired Entryway

Welcome autumn's return with a dramatic, yet still simple, front entry. » See Photos

Fall Flowers for Your Porch Around-the-House Fall Updates

Get a head start on the holidays with these seasonal updates designed to put you in festive mood for fall. » See Photos

Chinese pistache leaf wreath Easy Autumn Color

Take advantage of fall's beautiful colors. Celebrate the season with leafy decorations for your home. » See Photos

Trees Fall Color Best Trees for Fall Color

When Mother Nature waves her seasonal wand, these trees explode in fiery colors. » See Photos

Top Flowers for Fall

They're beautiful, affordable, come back year after year, and they're blooming their heads off right now. » See Photos

Fall Flowers: Sedum Foolproof Plants for a Stunning Fall Garden

Try these six easy ideas for gorgeous garden color throughout the fall. » See Photos

Fall's Best Flower Arrangements

By September, floral designer Sybil Sylvester has withstood the summer heat and is ready to forage for flowers, leaves, nuts, and berries to use in sumptuous fall arrangements » See Photos

Use pomegranates Set a Fall Table

Fruit and flowers are the staples for festive autumn-inspired table tops. » See Photos

Best Leaves for Fall Color

As the weather gets cooler, the leaves begin to turn. Check out our guide for the best colors for autumn. » See Photos

Fall Color for Gardens

With a little help from The New York Botanical Garden, fill your porch or patio with lush fall plants in containers that will withstand the elements. » See Photos

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