Metal bistro-style patio set with floral slipcovers
Courtesy of House To Home

Côte d’Azur style

Using a palette of hot pink creates a lively and inviting setting. The informal mood is accentuated by the classic metal garden table and chairs, dressed with both floral and plain fabrics, while a vast ribboned parasol adds a sense of holiday fun.

• Fresh pink prints create a cheerful and inviting look for summer.
• Use chairs with different designs for a relaxed, eclectic style.
• An unusual parasol makes instant impact; customise your own using ribbons to match your colour scheme.
• Sun loungers in bold stripes have a modern, stylish appeal.
• Crisp linen napkins in white will contrast beautifully with bright pink tabletop accessories.

Note: English Lessons is an ongoing series of highlights from our British partner, House to Home.

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