A white coffee table accented in brown and green ribbon.
Wendell Webber

Custom Coffee Table

Give your table a fashion-forward look by outlining the edge in ribbons that coordinate with your room’s color scheme. For this table, I designed the pattern so that it falls on the top, but you can also run ribbon around the sides of the table or down the legs.

Closeup of window blinds with ribbon accents in chocolate brown, baby blue, and lime green
Wendell Webber

Revamped Blinds

You can make these utilitarian window treatments as stylish as the rest of your home by trimming the colored tapes that disguise the functioning mechanisms with a contrasting color of ribbon.

Bright, pretty curtain panels with bold ribbon in baby blue, chocolate brown, and lime green.
Wendell Webber

Precious Panels

Ready-made curtain panels can be turned into custom drapes with the simple addition of colorful grosgrain layered in an eye-catching pattern.

A brown glass lamp with a lampshade accented with chocolate brown ribbon and a painte on animal-type print in blue.
Wendell Webber

Modern Lampshade

With a yard of fabric, coordinating ribbon, and some glue, you can give an ordinary shade a designer look.

Pillows on a brown couch accented with ribbon in different shapes and colors.
Wendell Webber

Pillows That Pop

Pillows are an easy way to bring color into a room without drastically altering the overall look. Have fun. Mix patterns and sizes. Regardless, add an extra flourish by embellishing them with ribbon.

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