Coffee Table

Easy Ribbon Redo

A little ribbon can go a long way toward rejuvenating any room. Follow our guides for wonderful results. » See Photos

Give your table a fashion-forward look by outlining the edge in ribbons that coordinate with your room’s color scheme. For this table, I designed the pattern so that it falls on the top, but you can also run ribbon around the sides of the table or down the legs.


*Ribbon quantities depend on table dimensions. To determine the quantity of ribbon you’ll need, lay out a pattern with string, and measure. This table used approximately 7 yards of ribbon.

1. Let the shape of your table's top dictate the arrangement of your ribbons.
2. Once you've determined your pattern (I selected a rectangular design that contrasted nicely with my table's scalloped edge), secure the ribbon to the top surface with Sealah tape and the burnishing tool.
3. Finish and protect the ribbon by covering the entire tabletop with a coat of Mod Podge or polyurethane.

Source Tip
I started this project with an old table that I picked up at a garage sale for $15. Because the table’s finish was brown and far from pristine, I decided to refinish it first with a fresh coat of gloss white paint.


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