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Sweet Sheets

Many dorm beds require twin-XL sheets, so don’t waste money on high thread count sheets you won’t be able to use later. Instead, buy inexpensive jersey cotton sheet sets. They are soft, easily washable, and with two sets, they can be switched out between laundry trips.

Tip: Stains will be easier to get rid of on white sheets. Just add some bleach in the next load of whites.
If you prefer colored sheets, buy two different colors to match the bedding. This makes it easy to remember when it’s time to change the sheets.

Pure Beech Jersey Knit Twin Extra Long Sheet Set
Available at Bed Bath & Beyond

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Bright Bedding

Don’t buy new bedding every year. Instead, invest in a high-quality synthetic down comforter. It’s great for all seasons and temperatures and will last all four years (or five for some students) of college.

Add color and style with a printed duvet cover. Look for one that's machine-washable duvet cover with a print that hides stains.

Tip: Make the bed every day, even if you just pull the comforter back up. It’s surprising how much cleaner the room will look.

Eco Chic Floral Organic Duvet Cover and Pillowcases
$99(twin duvet cover)
$28 (set of 2 standard pillowcases)
Available at Pottery Barn Teen

Beyond Down Comforter
$129.99 (twin)
Available at National Allergy

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Store More

Create more storage space with bed risers. Instead of dragging winter clothes back and forth from home each season, keep out-of-season clothes stored in these under-the-bed storage boxes. They’re stackable and easy to roll out.

Bed Risers
$9.99 to $19.99
Available at Linens 'n Things

Slimfit Underbed Storage Box
Available at Linens 'n Things

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Thrifty Bed Skirt

Keep those storage containers out of sight with a custom-length bed skirt. If you have a sewing machine and some extra time, you can easily make your own custom bed skirt to match the height of your bed.
Burlap comes in a variety of colors and is a durable, yet inexpensive fabric. The rough texture of the fabric will add an organic feel to your room.

Tip: When measuring, be sure to include the added height of the bed risers. If you don't know the height, leave on excess fabric and use iron-on hem tape when you move in.

Burlap Fabric
$3.49 (per yard)
Available at Hancock Fabrics

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Build a Bookcase

With the right tools, this over-the-bed bookcase is much cheaper to make than buying metal shelving. It can easily be painted to match any bedding and is aesthetically pleasing.
Use beaded board as the backing for the shelf to add visual interest. Make sure to find out the width of the beds in the dorm. And many universities have these measurements available on their Web sites.
*Item not drawn to scale.

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Tie Rack, Not Just for Men

Display necklaces, scarves, belts, and accessories on a nifty tie rack. This is an easy way to stay organized and save dresser drawer space. For quick access, attach the rack to the inside of the closet door with double-sided foam tape.

Bamboo Finish Tie and Belt Rack
Available at Bed Bath & Beyond

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Hang Your Heels

Instead of throwing shoes on the closet floor, keep them organized with an over-the-door shoe hanger. Go ahead and invest in a durable canvas shoe hanger because the plastic ones fall apart before the end of the semester.

Tip: Make sure to get in the habit of actually putting shoes away instead of throwing them on the floor. Otherwise, it defeats the whole purpose. Mom’s not the maid anymore!

20-Pocket Shoe Organizer
Available at Hanger City

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Maximize Your Closet

Double the amount of clothing a closet can hold with an adjustable hanging closet rod. If you plan on bringing your entire wardrobe to college, invest in a heavy-duty hanger that won’t snap off. Otherwise, you’ll go crazy re-hanging clothes every time the rod falls off from too much weight.

Double Up Adjustable Closet Rod
Available at

Keep It Simple

Resist the urge to fill your bed with too many decorative "frou-frou" pillows and every stuffed animal you kept from childhood. Keep things simple by using one standard pillow sham and one accent pillow.

Valley Girl Bedding Set
Available at DormSuiteDorm

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Tech Tip

Laptops are great space savers for the dorm room desk. They also grant the freedom to study anywhere on campus for those days when you just need some space from your roommates (not that you don’t love them!).

13-inch Macbook-White
$1,099 to $1,499
Available at Apple

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