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Jim Franco

10 Ways to Embellish Fabric

1. Opt for a contrasting welt on upholstery.
2. Add nail heads in a shiny or antiqued finish to chairs, ottomans, or sofas.
3. Personalize pillows, linens, and chair backs with a monogram.
4. Line the skirt of a chair with fringe.
5. Contrast basic fabric with colorful thread or twine in the seams.
6. Use metal grommets as curtain rings.
7. Glue or sew ribbon as a border for a decorative touch.
8. Make a pillow with fine fabric on one side and basic fabric on the other.
9. Stencil numbers or initials on curtains, pillows, or throws with fabric paint.
10. Don't do a thing―let the natural beauty of the material speak for itself.

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