Cozy Rustic Kitchen
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Rustic Romance

The charm of this kitchen comes in its rustic wood paneling and whitewashed cabinets. Reminiscent of a log cabin, this kitchen may be small on square footage but more than makes up for its size with attractive details.

Cozy Reading Nook
Laurey W. Glenn

Literary Hideout

Cozy spaces are great for hanging out with a book. This small space off the kitchen became an instant library by adding shelves. A comfy chair and throw rug add an inviting touch and soften the space.

Cozy Dining Room
Jeff McNamara

Pretty Persuasion

The rich textures of this dining room -- the cool robin's egg blue of the walls, the warm wood of the floors, and the velvety fabric of the upholstered chairs -- make it inviting. Just add candlelight, and you'll feel like you're in the middle of a Jane Austen novel.

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace

Stepping Stone

Nothing defines a cozy space like the crackle of a fireplace. Even when it's frosty outside, this stone fireplace will keep you warm and toasty. Be sure to have outdoor pillows and a few throw blankets on hand.

Cozy Entryway
Antoine Bootz

The Golden Age

The warmth of this pretty entry room radiates from the mossy green wall color and the golden tones reflecting from the shell chandelier. Even though this space is small, the mix of textures -- stone walls, wood paneling, wood floors, an area rug, and even wooden shingles in the next room -- give this entry an aged, collected look.

Cozy Bedroom Nook
Tria Giovan

Charming Nook

Small spaces are always comforting, as long as they aren't cluttered. A slanted wall and bold wallpaper add visual impact and make this bedroom feel like a world of its own, though it's only a few square feet.

Cozy Kitchen
Antoine Bootz

Basket Case

The pendant lights above this kitchen island are made from woven baskets, which add a relaxed cottage feel to this workspace. Decorating with natural fibers is an easy trick for making a room feel comfortable.

Cozy Bedroom
Roger Davies

Darkened Wood

This bedroom's forest scene mural literally brings the outdoors inside. By restricting the mural to one wall and keeping the color scheme muted, this bedroom becomes cozy without being too surreal.

Cozy Dining Room and Library
Roger Davies

Book Smarts

This snug spot serves two purposes as both a dining area and a library. What could be cozier and more romantic than hosting an intimate dinner party in this old-world library?

Cozy Bathroom
John Coolidge

Laid-back Luxe

A cool blue color scheme makes this small bathroom an instant place to relax. For added comfort, add stacks of fluffy towels and a pretty flower arrangement.

Cozy Gray Bedroom
John Coolidge

Shades of Gray

Varying shades of gray create a tranquil environment in this bedroom. Balance light and dark throughout, and add drapes around the bed for another level of tranquility.

Cozy Attic Bedroom
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Attic Space

This charming guest bedroom makes the most of the gable roof. Slanted walls may have deterred this room from being used, but by working with them, it becomes a quaint guest room. The antique white color scheme and simple bed linens in this room bring in vintage appeal.

Cozy Outdoor Kitchen
Lisa Romerein

Comfortable Kitchen

This full-service outdoor kitchen is a great place for hosting a group, an easy night in, or just an afternoon of reading near the fire. Make this a true extension of the living room by incorporating the comforts of the indoors, like upholstery.

Cozy Black Bathroom
Thomas J. Story

Together but Separate

The black color scheme in this ornate bathroom makes the room feel intimate, and the stone floor, while also adding a rich texture, helps to bring the outdoors inside. A double vanity makes the space extra cozy as it allows two people to use it without feeling cramped.

Cozy Bedroom
Thomas J. Story

Hollywood At Home

A glamorous bedroom can be cozy too. Luxurious bed linens, super soft throw pillows, and great lighting create a comfortable space no one will want to leave. Pink silk curtains like these cast a soft glow throughout the bedroom.

Cozy Yellow Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn

Sunny Side Up

From the floor-to-ceiling horizontal beaded board to the patterns and textures of the bed linens, this sunshine yellow bedroom is cheerful and layered. The details of the bedding -- the pillows' ribbon trim, the coverlet's scalloped edges, and the rich contrasting color palette -- add to the room's inviting coziness.

Cozy Dining Room
Pieter Estersohn

Old World Elegance

Using a dark palette throughout this spacious dining room makes it feel more intimate. The dark-washed wood panels add a rustic backdrop to the elegant dining room accessories.

Cozy Rustic Kitchen
Robbie Caponetto

Open and Inviting

This rustic kitchen is open and light with neutral colors and textured wood beams making the space a perfect place to gather. The barstools transform the island from meal prep to an inviting spot for casual dining and conversation.

Cozy Twin Beds
Antoine Bootz and Jeff McNamara

Snug Set

The juxtaposition of feminine and masculine makes this twin bed set balanced, elegant, and even a little mysterious. It could be at home in either the mountains or a chic downtown apartment.

Cozy Living Room

Safari Chic

Create a sophisticated campfire vibe in your home with a real wood-burning fireplace and an animal pattern rug. Glam it up with elegant porcelain accents and a splash of raspberry.

Cozy Dining Room
Thomas J. Story

Wooden Weave

Woven baskets lend a casual feel to any room. This dining room takes homespun to heart with a basket-weave ceiling, which adds visual interest and texture to an often ignored space.

Cozy Kitchen
Roger Davies

Warm and Cool

Despite its small size, this open kitchen is designed for comfort. The shades of gray, which create a pattern in the backsplash, are cool and calming, and the natural-stained wooden cabinets bring in a warm feel. In this kitchen, no detail is overlooked; even the tile floor (designed in an oversized diamond pattern) highlights the room's cozy dimensions.

Cozy, Quirky Dining Room
Tim Street-Porter

Quirky Dining Room

In this funky dining spot, various styles and time periods are unified by a neutral palette. The mixture of looks and interesting pieces creates a quirky but comfortable dining nook.

Cozy Backyard Bungalow
Jon Jensen

Backyard Bungalow

This intimate outdoor space is an inviting spot to socialize with friends or have a romantic dinner for two. Warm natural lighting, candles, and a punch of red bring some spice to this little nook.

Cozy Textured Living Room
Thomas J. Story

Texture Test


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