White bookcase filled with antique jelly molds
Tria Giovan

Group By Color

Mass objects of the same hue together for impact. In this bookcase, more than 100 antique jelly molds, in shades of ivory, cream, and white, make a powerful display.

White butler's pantry with green and blue vases
Ray Kachatorian

Notice the Details

The turquoise vases in this butler's pantry were selected simply for their similar color.

A beaded-board backdrop provides a noticeable touch of cottage charm. Installing beaded board is a quick and simple project that can transform a space and highlight authentic detail.

Collection of vintage cameras
Robbie Caponetto

Show Your Passion

Find something that's meaningful to you and put it on display in your home. Whether you collect old cameras or colorful pottery, an artful arrangement makes an instant statement.

Gathered items usually have a story to tell―these cameras are owned by a photography buff, and their interesting shapes contribute to their aesthetic appeal.

Yellow breakfast area with plate collection on wall
Jeremy Samuelson

Small Plates, Big Impact

These oblong and circular plates―collected over the years―look graphic when hung together on a wall and read as one large piece.

Salon-style wall above a sofa
Tria Giovan

Be a Curator

Fill a blank wall with a collection of paintings, sketches, or prints grouped tightly for an instant focal point. Often called a "salon wall," its a decorative way to highlight art.

There are no hard-and-fast rules; in fact, a salon wall is meant to look random. The frames shouldn't match, and the arrangement should be asymmetrical, giving each piece equal weight in the room.

White Ironstone displayed on shelves over windows
Laurie Black

Start Your Own Collection

If you're a rookie, take our advice: Start slowly, buy only what you love, and don't let a high price tag fool you.

While flea markets and yard sales are sure to unearth gems, surfing the Web is the best way to find that elusive item you're hunting.

Check out these sites:
1st Dibs
Craig's List

Entry table with art above
Dana Gallagher

Make It Your Own

Showcase images of loved ones and cherished events on your entry walls to welcome guests to your home.

When dealing with personal photos, it's best to arrange and sort them with an artist's eye. Try creating a grid-like pattern or lining them up on a ledge, as shown at left.

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