Magenta ottoman used as coffee table
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Design It Yourself

Create fabulous room schemes every time―it's easier than you think. Just use the tricks of the trade: secret techniques designers employ to give any room the 'wow' factor.

Note: English Lessons is an ongoing series of highlights from our British partner, House to Home.

Turquoise living room with white picture frames
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Create a Focal Point

Every room needs an eye-catching feature, but for maximum style you don't want it to be the TV. It's easy if your living room has a fireplace, but if not, create an attention-grabbing alternative, such as a console table.

Add a display of framed photographs above the table to make a focal point that you can position the sofas around, or if you don't have the time to find and frame your photos, a selection of decorative plates will look just as striking.

Living room with striped wallpaper and Venetian mirror
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Add Sparkle and Light

Interior designers use mirrored and glass surfaces to create a subtle sparkle. Mirrors hung at right angles to windows reflect the natural light and brighten the whole room.

Likewise, glass tables and chrome detailing add great highlights. Continue the same understated but upscale feel with a few small reflective accessories. If mirrors aren't your thing, create the same subtle sheen with mother of pearl.

Pink and green living room
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Use an Accent Colour

Adding an accent colour or two will give your room a stunning finish. You don't need to add much―just a few accessories, a throw, or a piece of furniture like this footstool.

Overall, your accent colour should be no more than 10% of your total scheme. Scared of going over the top? Even candles and flowers will be enough to give the room a really professional finish. Don't forget that accents don't have to be strong―just choose a tone that will stand out.

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