A Skylight Above the Tub

Let in the Light

In a tiny bath, a clever design must use all available space. Tuck the shower under a slanted ceiling. Use a small pedestal sink instead of boxy counters. Here, placing a large, angled skylight above the tub opens the room up, expanding the space and providing a blast of natural light and fresh air during the warmer months.

Colorful Fabric Skirt on a Pedestal Sink

Add Storage and Style

Add storage capacity while brightening up a small space by adding a colorful fabric skirt to a pedestal sink. Three complementary fabrics, a floral and two checks, form the skirt, and a large tassel adds a big dose of style. Instead of a conventional towel rod, an iron basket hangs on the wall to hold towels.

Faucet and Spout Mounted on Backsplash and Decorative Mirror on Wall

Think Small

With petite fixtures like these, even the smallest area can be converted into a bath. The faucet and spout are mounted on the backsplash to save counter space. For added style, place a small decorative mirror above the sink.

Hanging Slidedoor between Bath and Guestroom

Get Creative

Ingenuity starts at the door to this small bath. A hanging, sliding door allows easier access between the bath and adjoining guestroom. It takes up much less space than a standard hinged door and adds character and visual interest to the room.

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