white roller shade
Thomas J. Story

Window Basics

Choose a treatment type and see how easy it is to dress up your windows.

What type of window treatment is right for your home?

bamboo blinds with drapes
Tria Giovan

Cottage Windows

Bamboo roller shades, hardwood flooring, and the wood ceiling could have overpowered this room with hard textures.

See how the homeowner softened the space with toile curtains.

blue awning over a window
Jean Allsopp

Smart Awnings

This attractive awning opens smoothly and quietly at the touch of a button that is located inside the house.

Learn more about this innovative window treatment.

leaf stenciled window shade
Thomas J. Story

Leafy Window Shade

Give a blank roller shade an airy, elegant new look with the image of your choice, applied in a few easy steps.

Make this shade for your own windows.

homemade draperies
Laurey W. Glenn

Inexpensive Draperies

A one-of-a-kind window treatment doesn't always involve an expensive trip to the seamstress. Take a ready-made curtain, spice it up with ribbon and trim and do it all without any sewing.

Make this custom look your own.

Tab top curtains
Robbie Caponetto

Tab Top Curtains

Consider a bold shade of red to warm up any room. Fabric with a graphic pattern, such as this hand-blocked print, provides a vivid contrast against the plain panels.

Recreate this look in your home.

1 window shade in 3 different ways
Robbie Caponetto

1 Window Shade, 3 Ways

Want the pizzazz of custom window treatments without the designer price tag? It's easy with a trip to the craft store and a little ingenuity.

Give plain roller shades an eye-catching makeover in no time.


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