Window Shade
Robbie Caponetto

Wallpaper Shade How-To

Cut the shade evenly on both sides to fit your window (shade hardware adjusts), and center the wallpaper motif on the shade. Measure length of shade and cut wallpaper to fit, allowing an extra 2 inches at the bottom.

Cover the shade (and at least 1 inch up the back) liberally with wallpaper adhesive using a sponge roller. Lay wallpaper over your goo-covered shade, with an extra 2 inches of paper wrapping under the bottom of the shade; use a rolling pin to smooth and eliminate air bubbles. Trim any excess wallpaper.

Pile on several heavy books, and leave overnight for the glue to dry completely. When you hang your stylish new shade, you may congratulate yourself for both thrift and invention.

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