Living room Painted Bright Yellow

Daily Dose of Color

Paint over dark, dull walls with bright, vibrant colors that will add a splash of warmth to your home. The effect of such hues brightens even the smallest space.

Many people love bright colors but are uncertain about how to use them. Introducing color into your home can also be intimidating. We'll show you how to use color with confidence in every room. So grab a paintbrush, and take a spin with us on the color wheel.

A Girl's Room

Bright Beginnings

Children's rooms are great places to make bold statements, and this girl's room does exactly that. Stripes, solids, and prints in pink and lime greens mix with the wall's outrageous oranges and yellows. The walls feature a hand-painted rose motif that is both easy and affordable to replicate. The leopard-print carpet adds the perfect quirky complement for the room's bold colors and designs.

Color Tip:

Keep in mind that color intensity, pattern, and lighting all influence a room's final look and feel. Likewise, both solids and patterns can be succesfully mixed if used in ways that complement a space, not overwhelm it.

Livingroom Painted in Tangerine-Orange

Tangerine-Orange Makeover

Looking for color to spice things up? Then go with citrus hues. This room's display of warm tones makes it feel as festive as a fruit basket. Shades of tangerine, lemon, lime, and coconut brown are pulled in from the focal point of the room -- the painting.

Old furniture pieces take on renewed looks when paired with this tropical palette. Interesting textures -- from silk and kilim to sea grass and bamboo insert their own flair into this fun makeover.

Color Tip:

Without a doubt, the showstopper for a tangerine-orange room is the vibrant wall color. When walls command so much attention, a room's other elements -- pillows, slipcovers, lamps, flooring, and accessories -- should be simple and uncluttered.

Room Painted Red
Southern Living

Red Impact

Many of us love red tones because they impart a festive quality. Red is an unexpected yet bold choice for this kitchen. It adds instant style and a dynamic feel to the room.

When using a bold color, you don't want the room to feel closed in. To add some lightness to a tight corner, the solid cabinets were replaced with glass-front ones. Black was a natural choice for the countertops. It works as a complement to the red cabinets and blends with the appliances.

Color Tip:

Interior lighting can really affect color, so think about what's in your home before choosing new fixtures.

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Colorful Rooms

Tropical Punch

High-voltage splashes of color warm the walls of this home, where each room boasts a different but equally vivid hue. A mango-orange living room, canary-yellow foyer, turquoise dining room, and lavender sunroom proclaim the home's decorative panache.

The homeowner's early childhood years spent in Florida inspired her to transport that color-drenched tropical setting to a Midwestern home.

And while each of the rooms in this residence is a canvas for a different bold hue, wooden French furniture provides balance and continuity, as do the soothing white slipcovers. The white scheme also allows the homeowner to move and rearrange pieces on a whim and from room to room, without disrupting the overall color scheme. White trim and moldings also offset the paint-box colors.

Color Tip:
Whether bright and bold or warm and neutral, color makes a greater impact when it flows naturally through adjacent rooms. Strive for continuity in a few main elements of each room such as flooring, wall color, texture, and accessories.

Room Painted Periwinkle

More Color Tips

- Individuality is key. Items such as artwork give inspiration to a room. Think of museums you have visited. The various rooms all have wonderful color on the walls to complement the art.

- Matching color tones is very important. One way to do that is by using a paint color deck, which can be picked up at a paint or home-improvement store.

- Once a color is selected, get a quart of paint and test it on the walls. In order to get an appreciation for a true color and its impact on a room, paint an area at least 3 feet wide x 4 feet tall on several walls in the room. Watch it at various times of the day.

- Don't forget the ceiling in a room. It is really another wall. Just as color on walls can make furnishings come alive, painted ceilings can accentuate light fixtures.

The Color Wheel

The Color Wheel

Stop! Don't decorate a room without knowing the relationships of colors first. Remember these points when using a color wheel for updating your home.

- Complementary colors are located directly opposite one another on the wheel. So, if you're looking for something that goes well with blue, pick orange. Likewise, green looks good with red.

- Colors adjacent to primaries are also trustworthy. For example, blue can be well suited to a range of both greens and purples.

- The terms "shade" and "tone" refer to the intensity of a color. To make paint darker, add black. To lighten a color, mix in white. Varying shades or tones of the same base color can work together as well.

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