Color Unity
Carlos Emilio

Central Hallway

Abby chose a golden yellow in her central hallway because it relates to each of the other 10 paint colors in the house. Give adjacent rooms a more continuous feel by choosing paints that are the same color but different shades, like Abby did in her kitchen and central hallway.

Hallway paint: Gambol Gold (SW-6690) by Duron

Red Dining Room
Carlos Emilio

Choose Complementary Colors

Abby painted the dining room Cayenne Red to complement the celadon-painted sideboard. Her selection of understated hues in other fixtures and furniture enhances the room's dramatic feel.

Wall paint: Cayenne Red (SW-6881) by Duron

Living Room
Carlos Emilio

Let Colors Take Center Stage

By upholstering her furniture in white, Abby ensured the beautiful green walls and red window treatments would garner the attention in her living room.

Wall paint: Olive Fog (1821) by Pratt & Lambert

Carlos Emilio

Paint a Backdrop

The golden yellow in the kitchen warms the walls and provides a backdrop that lets the mismatched reds shine. Abby used several different accent reds, including fire engine red on the mirror and Safety Red, an industrial color from a hardware store, on her sink cupboard.

Brown Guest Room
Carlos Emilio

Go Dark

Walls painted the color of melted chocolate sweeten visitors' stays in the guest bedroom. The paler colors of the furniture, lighting, and bedding in this room keep the dark walls from closing in.

Wall paint: Grizzly Bear Brown (2111-20) by Benjamin Moore

Carlos Emilio

Use Your Favorite Colors

Abby chose warm green and red for her bedroom because she loves the color combination. "'You'll hate it once it's up' -- people said that about all my colors," Abby recalls. If it stirs your senses, make it work in your house.

Painted Bathroom Floor
Carlos Emilio

Add Color Underfoot

In this tiny bathroom, Abby left the walls neutral but painted red diamonds on the wood floor that match the hue on her dining room walls. The room is stunning and balanced.

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