A pastel dining room
Tria Giovan

Sugary Stripes

Put a lighthearted twist on tradition with classic stripes and tailored slipcovers in pale shades. The look is both soft and sophisticated.

A bright kitchen
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Lemon Clean

“When you live on the water, you can’t help but be inspired by the faded and crystalline colors of objects exposed to the sun and waves. They take on the palest pastel hues -- often with a luminescent, mother-of-pearl-like quality.”
-- Françoise O’Neill, writer

A pink bedroom
Jean Allsopp

Hue Knew?

Like blue, pink has a calming effect on mood. With the right lighting, it’s also flattering to your complexion.

A view from a porch
Coastal Living, Alec Hemer

Blue Scene

“I love furniture painted in pastel hues. Even if the lines are more formal, it brings them down to earth.”
-- Elizabeth Raines Beeler, Coastal Living,decorating editor

Pastel chairs on a porch
Jeff McNamara

Destination Porch

Use soft sherbet tones to pretty up a porch. The look is both romantic and old-fashioned.

Brightly painted houses
Coastal Living, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Sugar Coating

Take a cue from the Caribbean. Island exteriors show how you can introduce surprising color combinations for a look that’s whimsical but not outlandish. Unexpected pastels used on exteriors appear playful and casual even on larger homes. Not ready to paint the whole house? Try coating a garden wall or fence with a soothing pastel. Your home will become an instant landmark in the neighborhood.

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