Beach-inspired color palette
Thomas J. Story

Colors of the Sea

The soft hues of sand and sea create a relaxing mood for summer. But what colors to pick, and how to work them into your home? Take out the guesswork with easy style pointers and an ocean palette developed by Sunset with Kelly-Moore Paints.

Choose a main wall color and accent hues

We chose a soft blue (Sky's the Limit) for the walls and used green (Hillsmere) as an accent in the interior of the glass-fronted cabinets. We used a different accent color (Malibu Beige) around the window to give it more prominence.

Mix bold and natural hues for a warm, organic look.

Beach-inspired palette; keep displays understated
Thomas J. Story

Keep Displays Understated

We painted an existing divider white (Swan Wing) and used it to display predominantly clear glass objects; the partition and the display frame views into the colorful room beyond.

Perk up your home with shades of one bold hue.

Add an organic touch -- try to have something natural in your environment, such as cut flowers or a potted plant.
Thomas J. Story

Add an Organic Touch

Try to have something natural in your environment, such as cut flowers or a potted plant. We put sprigs of white hyacinth in a glass tumbler and placed it on a tray with candles. The deep blue candle (the same blue as the walls) reinforces the color scheme and adds depth to the arrangement.

Use fabric and accessories to play up or contrast with the anchor colors.
Thomas J. Story

Details Count

Use fabric and accessories to play up your anchor colors. These pink seashells on a pale blue platter complement pink pillows elsewhere in the room.

Break up symmetry in arrangements.
Thomas J. Story

Break Up Symmetry

A casual stack of blue, green, and white ceramics unite the room's palette and adds sculptural interest. The different sizes of plates and bowls create a relaxed, informal feeling.

Use color on backdrops.
Thomas J. Story

Color the Backdrop

A painted cupboard interior creates a warm and elegant setting for simple ceramics.

Incorporate colors of furnishings.
Thomas J. Story

Incorporate Furniture Colors

We created a stylish tableau by simply painting a blank canvas and a bureau the same pale green, then setting both against a sky blue wall.

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