Peacock blue colored room
Laurey W. Glenn

Peacock Blue

"The peacock blue of this silk wallcovering makes a bold and colorful contrast to the more subtle bone-colored bookcases. It gives a strong and sophisticated feel to the room yet still works beautifully with the softer more feminine pinks."
-- designer Markham Roberts

Paint Colors:
•Galapagos Turquoise by Benjamin Moore
•Oceanside by Sherwin-Williams
•Blue Lagoon by Ralph Lauren

daffodil yellow colored room
Martin Sobey

Daffodil Yellow

"Daffodil yellow is warm and inviting and has a youthful attitude. What could be more welcoming in a foyer? For a 1950s house, I chose this classic paper from the David Hicks collection by Clarence House because of its vintage yet timeless appeal. With superwhite trim, it really pops."
-- designer Meg Braff

Paint Colors:
•Banana Yellow by Benjamin Moore
•Lemon Twist by Sherwin-Williams
•Yellow Brick Road by Behr

French blue colored room
Pieter Estershohn

French Blue

"I love French Blue because it feels cool without being cold . . . My goal was to create an interior landscape with a saturated ground to envelop the room, like being wrapped in cashmere. These wall panels were hand-painted and aged, so we were able to create the feeling that they had been here for some time."
-- designer Charlotte Moss

Paint Colors:
•Aquarius by Benjamin Moore
•Flyway by Sherwin-Williams
•Azurean by Behr

Coral pink colored room
Southern Accents, David Nicolas

Coral Pink

"There is a certain Coral Pink that, when used with caramel and chocolate brown becomes a rich background that seems both energized and mellow. This room takes on the aura of a well-worn, paneled library in spirit, but with a freshness that almost seems organic. Natural woods and black accents keep the color from appearing overly feminine. It’s memorable without being trendy."
-- designer Stephen Gambrel

Paint Colors:
•Romantica by Benjamin Moore
•Resounding Rose by Sherwin-Williams
•Strawberry Rose by Behr

ochre colored room
Brie Williams


"I like a buoyant, light-filled house, so I usually use all warm or yellow-based colors. This ocher is really a contemporary yellow shade with an antique resonance. It doesn’t draw attention to itself as, say, bold yellow or white would. The ocher walls provide support for the exceptional paintings and furniture. Bright-colored walls would visually compete. This shade flatters everyone -- it complements every skin tone."
-- designer Thomas Jayne

Paint Colors:
•Weekend by Martin Senour
•Sunrise by Sherwin-Williams
•Ochre by Pantone

glacial green colored room
Tria Giovan

Glacial Green

"This Glacial Green is peaceful, changing throughout the day with the beautiful natural light. In the spring, the living room is fresh and ready for the season."
-- designer Suzanne Rheinstein

Paint Colors:
•Van Alen Green by Benjamin Moore
•In The Meadow by Ralph Lauren
•7615 by The Select Collection by Fine Paints of Europe

azure colored room
Pieter Estershohn


"When painting my living room Azure, I was inspired by the ceiling of the Hotel de Soubise in Paris. Blue can be a difficult color. Used incorrectly it can go flat and lifeless -- I tried three different blues to get it just right. This is not the kind of color for the timid. Use this bold hue with similarly strong colors that can stand up to it."
-- designer Eric Prokesh

Paint Colors:
•Bird's Egg by Benjamin Moore
•Mediterranean Blue by Ralph Lauren
•Blue Ground by Farrow & Ball

plum colored room
Erica George Dines


"A full-bodied color, plum is especially lively and luscious as glassware surrounded by sparkling candles and vibrant flowers. It provides a wonderful complement for many other colors and has a lovely decadence alone as well."
-- designer Phoebe Howard

Paint Colors:
•Dusk Silver Skies by Devine Color
•Mediterranean Blue by Sherwin-Williams
•Gothic Amethyst by Behr

red colored room
Thibault Jeanson


"Red is an intensely exciting color. We all react to it, whether it’s presented in a small box on a table or lacquered walls. This shade brings strength and drama to any space."
-- designer William R. Eubanks

Paint Colors:
•Ravishing Red by Benjamin Moore
•Peppery by Sherwin-Williams
•Blazer by Farrow & Ball

white colored room
Tria Giovan


"The color white is never a trend. When you use it as a background color, everything else stands out. When it’s used on furniture, everything around it stands out."
-- decorator, Jenny Peters

Paint Colors:
•China White by Benjamin Moore
•DKC-67 by Donald Kaufman
•Off-White by Farrow & Ball

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