Kitchen with yellow and white backsplash tiles.

Hello, Yellow

Even before the first cup of coffee, this kitchen's cheerful palette makes it difficult not to be perky. Mixing tiles in a backsplash allows you to playfully introduce color. And, because you're using the tiles minimally, you can afford to splurge on more expensive ones.

A white kitchen with yellow accent pots.

Pots of Honey

Warm up a crisp white kitchen with a few accents of golden yellow. Open kitchen shelves neatly display collections of ceramics, teacups, and even vintage glass bottles.

An open kitchen with yellow chairs.
Douglas Hill

Lemon Zest

Incorporating vivacious color into an existing room can be as easy as adding new seat cushions. Such accents create contrast without a long-term decorating commitment.

A dining room with yellow curtains.

Here Comes the Sun

Yellow reflects sunlight, making a dark room appear brighter. The pale squash color of these curtains creates a refined, luxurious look and instantly opens up this dining room.

A bathroom with yellow walls and yellow accents curtains.

A Warm Bath

In this bathroom renovation, a fresh coat of sunshine-inspired paint illuminates the small room. White features (the trim, floor, curtains, and sink) nicely complement the colorful walls.

A kitchen with yelllow and green painted cabinets.
Tria Giovan

Twist of Lemon-Lime

When choosing more neutral paint colors, opt for a delicate yellow cream rather than white. Because of its depth and versatility, it pairs well with many shades, such as the green shown here. Using the same color for the cabinets and in the diamond-painted floors keeps the look consistent without being boring.

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