bamboo shades under white curtains
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Brian Francis

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All of the windows in the apartment came outfitted with metal blinds. While they provided necessary privacy, they added little to the decor. Caroline hung bamboo shades in front of the blinds to add texture.

Because the windows are so wide, she had trouble finding ready-made shades that fit. Custom shades would have blown the budget, so she bought the widest shades available, and then hung curtains on each side of the window to conceal the gaps. Hung high above the window, the simple white muslin curtains also make the low ceiling appear taller.

Though this bright red vintage trunk (picked up at a flea market) didn’t necessarily fit into the color scheme, Caroline hated to see it go. Instead, she placed it between the two sofas to act as a point of interest. Underneath the trunk, a simple jute rug breaks up the expanse of white carpet and defines the seating space.

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