dad and daughter sitting down to breakfast
Tria Giovan

Think Long Term

This is not the time for fragile silks and sheers. We're in an era of twill, faux suede, and vinyl -- all long lasting, easy to clean, and affordable.

Use durable outdoor fabrics inside so you won't have to replace upholstery any time soon. The new weather- (and grape juice) resistant fabrics are available in any print or texture you could want and feel amazing to the touch.

Multitasking Ottoman
Laurey W. Glenn


As in the workplace, everybody, including furniture, needs to do the work of two or three these days. Choose an ottoman that doubles as seating, a coffee table with drawers, or a dining table with leaves for expanding. We love this funky ottoman which functions as a coffee table when outfitted with a tray, or seats two when guests come over.

living room
Roger Davies

Take Comfort

We need all the comforts of home these days, so surround yourself with cozy fabrics -- chenille, velvet, and mohair, if you can afford it. Just one armchair covered in a soft, warm fabric can provide refuge from the tide of bad news -- it’s the equivalent of a photo of your family on your desk at work, guaranteed to lower your blood pressure.

Put fluffy throws within arm’s reach of your favorite seat. Surround yourself with things that remind you of happy times, and hold the promise of the better days ahead: Photographs of family trips, family heirlooms, and souvenirs help you feel grounded in a turbulent world.


living room
Roger Davies

Dampen the Glam

It’s official: Ostentatious design is as passé as a Merrill Lynch spreadsheet. This is not the time for gold-leafed ceilings, hand painted wallpaper, or custom rugs. It is the time, however, for recovering your old furniture, recycling someone else’s castoffs, and shopping smarter.

The manageable proportions and humble materials of cottage style should be your guiding principles. There are many retailers who seem have their fingers on the pulse of design trends, offering low-cost versions of high-end furniture and accessories.


breakfast room
Dennis Welsh

Brighten a Space

For this season's colder days, hang a piece of art that makes you smile. It will brighten the room and keep your mood up.

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