Vegetable oil shine
© Sergey Galaiko |

Vegetable Oil

Shine leather shoes by dabbing a drop on a soft cloth and rubbing the surface.

Shaving cream stain remover
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Shaving Cream

To lift red wine stains from your carpet, just work the cream in, scrape off, and rinse.

Dust with dryer sheets
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Fabric Softener Sheets

Save used sheets to remove dust and static from television and computer screens.

shine brass with ketchup
© Peter Lakomy |


Make brassware shine by spreading on some ketchup, leaving it for 15 minutes, and then rinsing it off.

cleaning a keyboard with tape
© Roberto Anguita |

Sticky Tape

Slide a strip between the buttons on your keyboard to remove dust and crumbs.

cleaning with rice
© Robert Pinna |


To lift dirt and stains, add uncooked rice to the water when washing narrow-necked vases or decanters.

toilet cleaning with cola
© Wojpra |


Clean your toilet by pouring leftover cola into the bowl. Leave for a few hours (or overnight), and then flush away.

remove pilling with pumice
© Laurent Hamels |

Pumice Stone

Remove pills of fluff from wool clothing by rubbing a pumice stone firmly over the surface.

aluminum foil
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Aluminum Foil

To catch any drips, wrap doorknobs and hardware in foil when you’re painting your walls.

sharpened pencil
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Lead Pencil

Run the tip along both sides of a stubborn zipper. It will act as a dry lubricant, making it run more easily.

By Lisa Fazzani and Ellie Tennant, Ideal Home

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