The Palmers

Layla and Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage are a couple of dreamers living in Alabama. Their self-proclaimed style is, as the song goes, “a little bit country and a little bit rock ’n’ roll.” Learn the story of this quirky couple, and find out how a Minnesota native and a rocker musician ended up in a fixer-upper in the Deep South.

Welcome to the Cottage

The Palmers have been pouring their hearts into this little cottage since October 31, 2007, but you can’t properly admire their home without seeing what it looked like in the beginning.

The Fireplace Makeover

Suffice it to say, when the Palmers moved in, the living room wasn’t pretty. It smelled, there was lacquered wood paneling on the walls, icky carpet on the floor, and the fireplace was just sad. After whitewashing the walls, the Lettered Couple took on the fireplace, and for only $82, the results were beautiful.

True DIY Mentality

When most homeowners buy a house, they live without the architectural details they may love but don’t come with the house. Not so for The Lettered Couple. After this spontaneous renovation, we don’t think there’s any DIY project they won’t undertake. See how they gave the door from their living room to the hallway some architectural charm with a transom.

Accessorizing How-to

One of our favorite things about The Lettered Cottage is its perfect cottage charm, and Mrs. Lettered Cottage is such a wiz at accessorizing their space. Every nook and cranny looks natural, pretty, and suits their style perfectly. Learn some of Layla’s tricks with this easy how-to.

The Guest Bathroom Door

When Layla and Kevin became featured bloggers for the True Value® DIY Blog Squad, they took on a project that turned into an unbelievable before-and-after. They took an old door and gave it a few snazzy improvements, such as a frosted glass cutout panel, to create a new door to their guest bathroom.

Old Dresser, New Life

When you’re at a flea market or thrift store, it’s often hard to picture the many things you can do with a piece of old junk. The Lettered Couple doesn’t seem to have that problem -- they gave this old dresser new life and serious coastal-cottage charm.

Silly Bloopers

This pair of goofballs constantly incorporates audio and video into their blog posts. Some are instructional, some are just for fun, but in many of them, they include bloopers! Who doesn’t like a blooper reel?

Weird Spaces to Pretty Places

When the Lettered Couple moved in, there was an odd 6- x 6-foot bathroom off of the dining room. Layla and Kevin turned this odd little space, however, into an adorable reading room with a daybed, striped walls, and some pretty burlap window treatments. See how far it’s come.

Work in Progress

The purple “before” shot wasn’t pretty, but with some Sea Salt wall paint, pretty wall tiles, new flooring, and a list of other improvements that really run the gamut; The Lettered Couple is really making strides in their guest bathroom.

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