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A galley kitchen
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Margot Hartford

Smart Planning

Although narrower, the new galley kitchen is much more efficient. The widened peninsula provides a generous food prep area, and its 28-inch-deep base cabinets offer ample storage. Moving the refrigerator made way for upper cabinets and a centrally located range.

The Details
Tile: Eight-inch white ceramic tile blends seamlessly with white cabinets and a white tile-in (flush with the edge) sink; embossed accent tiles add pattern and texture to what is an otherwise smooth surface.

Appliances: An all-in-one microwave, light, and vent mounted above the range is a smart solution for cramped quarters; cubbies on either side of the unit hold cookbooks at the ready.

Storage: Shelves at the end of the peninsula provide a bit of open storage and display space; gentle curves soften the corners.

Flooring: Laminate flooring is durable, comfortable, and easy to care for. Its "oak" surface is actually a photographed paper layer adhered to a manufactured core and sealed against wear.

Limited Space
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