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Earth-friendly kitchen counters

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Engineered stone: The newest category of surfacing material; a natural product most commonly made of up to 95% quartz crystals and referred to as “quartz.”

Honed: A low-sheen surface with a smooth, matte finish.

Plastic laminate: The most common countertop, made by sandwiching paper layers between clear plastic that is then bonded to a plywood or fiberboard substrate. The top layer of paper supplies the visible color and pattern. Ready-made molded versions are called “postformed.”

Polished: A sleek, mirror-like surface that is light-reflective.

Richlite: The brand name of a tough, paper-based material that has moved from commercial kitchens to homes.

Solid surface: A manufactured product that emulates stone (Corian and Wilsonart are two brands); created by combining natural minerals with resin and additives.

Tumbled: A surface finish produced by tumbling stone in sand, pebbles, or steel bearings to round off corners and create a rustic, matte finish.

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