modern red bathroom with modern appliances
Courtesy of Gerber

Time for a New Look?

In home remodeling, the kitchen and bath are two of the most popular rooms to make over.

And whether you're looking to simply change out an appliance or go for a complete overhaul, we have ideas to get your decorating wheels turning.

Pictured here: Gerber’s Logan Square Suite

Induction cooktop and oven
Courtesy of TurboChef

What's Cooking

Preparing a fabulous meal for friends and family has never been easier!

From induction cooktops to added burners to speed ovens, the industry is taking notice of the need for simplicity and efficiency in the kitchen.

As for style, sleek, contemporary lines and surfaces are all the rage. Today's kitchen looks like it was plucked straight out of a restaurant.

Pictured here: TurboChef's Double Oven


/innovative storage for the kitchen
Courtesy of Franke

Kitchen Storage

Whether you have a small space or just loads of supplies, ample storage is key to a functioning kitchen. With several organization options -- from pull-out, swiveling shelves to hanging metal rails -- you can maximize space without compromising style.

Pictured here: Franke's Stainless Steel Sink and Accessories

blue mosaic tiled bathroom
Courtesy of Ann Sacks

Unique and Unusual

Your home is a haven for relaxation and personal style. And what better way to join the two than by adding a little "wow" to the kitchen or bath?

Intricate wall mosaics, like the one seen here, can transform an entire room into a showplace. Or installing a Jacuzzi-style bath can turn your home into a spa-like retreat in no time.

Picture here: Ann Sacks' Asteria


modern new kitchen
Courtesy of Miele

New in the Kitchen

Influence from European retailers has taken the US market by storm.

Advanced technologies and innovative modifications are morphing the average kitchen appliances and cabinetry into sophisticated entertaining areas. With these new products, you'll be proud when everyone gathers in your kitchen.

Pictured here: Miele's Refrigeration Systems

modern bathroom
Courtesy of Danze

The Modern Bathroom

For years, bathrooms have been evolving into personal sanctuaries with spa-like showers and baths.

In 2008, that still holds true, but now luxury is also being paired with high design and energy efficiency to create a modern bathroom that is indulgent as well as responsible.

Pictured here: Danze's Cirtangular™ Collection

Kohler faucet
Courtesy of Kohler

Kitchen Sinks

From prepping to washing dishes to entertaining, kitchen sinks now make us look forward to even the most routine chores.

Smart designs from the industry’s leaders have both soft, curved lines and more edgy, industrial looks. It’s all about customizing and mixing and matching the pieces to suit your style.

Pictured here: Kohler’s Karbon™ Articulating Faucet


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