Before: Barely There

Maybe the best thing about creating a cheerful breakfast room is that you don't need an actual room. Start with any bare area in your kitchen -- even if it's just a cozy corner to fit a two seat table -- and turn it into a great space using decorating moves that are easy to do and friendly to the budget. You can finish the project in a weekend.

After: A Good Morning

Breakfast rooms come to life with light. If shutters are blocking out sunlight, remove the ones on top and hang simple curtain panels that can be pulled shut for privacy.

Try a bold color that will get you going in the morning. An orange-and-blue paisley cotton fabric works well when the window sashes (the framework that moves when you open a window) are painted a darker shade of blue. Taking a cue from the curtains, paint the walls a soft blue color.

The Wonders of White

White furniture can instantly brighten and enlarge a small space. If your breakfast table has seen better days, purchase a new one and pair it with a bench seat and two chairs.

If your table and chairs are in fine shape, consider painting them and adding a distressed finish by sanding the edges.

We removed the top shutters from the windows and recycled them as doors on a custom-made cabinet -- a great look that saves on money.

custom carpet tiles

Have Fun with Carpet

Avoid the stress of searching for the perfect rug and try adhesive carpet squares. The 19.7 square inch pieces will adhere to cement, wood, or tile without damaging the floor. The best part? If you have juice-loving kids in the house and the carpet gets stained, you can easily replace individual tiles. Check out for a similar look.

From Southern Living Room-by-Room Makeovers

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