an outdated bathroom with gray formica countertops and a mirror before it is to be renovated

Modern Budget Bathroom Redo (before)

See how one MyHomeIdeas staffer took her bath from outdated to cutting edge on a tight budget.

deep chocolate walls of this renovated bathroom offset the crisp, white bathroom cabinets and the large, expansive bath mirror with a light fixture

Modern Budget Bath Redo (after)

Look at Abbi’s successful bathroom transformation. Check out how she pulled it all off and came in under her original budget.

a before photo of a bathroom with pink tile around the sink area and dark, black flowered wallpaper

Vintage Bath (before)

A mom-and-daughter team sought to transform this dated bath in their 1920s home.

robin’s egg blue beaded board lines the bottom half of the remodeled bathroom with white walls above as well as a new white sink, white medicine cabinet and a toilet to the left

Vintage Bath (after)

The finished product has a truly vintage feel and clean lines. Pink tile and unsightly floral wallpaper were replaced with fresh blue beaded board and white paint.

an oversized mirror with a dull metal frame brings in a ton of reflected light to a small bath that's decorated in peach, and ruby tones with natural, beaded-wood walls and a white pedestal sink

Small Bath Ideas

Limited space doesn't have to limit creativity. This tiny bath maxes out with super style using a bold mirror and festive paint color.

before photo of an outdated guestroom that’s going to be renovated into a bathroom

From Bedroom to Bath (before)

Homeowners transformed their drab guest bedroom into the bathroom of their dreams. The renovation was easy because no walls had to be removed and only one door was closed off. After that, the space was quickly turned into a relaxing retreat.

airy white bathroom remodel with a black, clawfoot tub with a white shower curtain and a built-in custom sink cabinet with clear drawer knobs

From Bedroom to Bath (after)

A black pedestal tub was placed next to the window, creating an ideal spot for soaking in the sunlight. The breezy white shower curtain hanging from a rod above the tub blends in nicely with the sheer curtains on the window.

three, framed pictures are hung horizontally on the wall above a claw foot tub in a white bathroom

The Rules of Bathroom Remodeling

Before you embark on a bathroom renovation, learn the common goals for every project, no matter the budget, style, or location. We promise to ease the pain of the makeover.


bright blue carpet runs up along the sides of the tub and outdated wallpaper with small flowers off-sets this dated master bathroom

Master Bath Miracle (before)

A sea of blue carpet covered the floor and the sides of the tub like overflowing water. The tub itself, a swirling design of aqua and white, resembled a bar of Zest soap.

white, freestanding tub with a classical white shelf held up by neo-classical columns rises above the tub and an oval window with frosted glass pattern is on the wall across from the tub

Master Bath Miracle (after)

A freestanding tub is a shapely replacement for the old one. The floor is now neutral travertine. An added luxury: The contractor installed an electric heating mat under the tile.

Dark blue carpet and old green wallpaper darkened and enclosed an already tight area. The main fixtures -- the tub and toilet on one side, a pedestal sink and small cabinet on the other -- consumed the space.

New Angle on Small Bath (before)

Old green wallpaper darkened and enclosed an already tight area. The main fixtures -- the tub and toilet on one side, a pedestal sink and small cabinet on the other -- consumed the space.

a new limestone vanity in the corner of the bathroom adds space, and exposing the sleek steel-framed window increases the natural light while a low wall at the end of the tub screens the toilet

New Angle on Small Bath (after)

The designers opened up the room by removing the old sink and installing a new limestone vanity in the corner, where it could become a focal point without blocking traffic. Out went the shutters, exposing the sleek steel-framed window and increasing the natural light. A low wall at the end of the tub screens the toilet and serves as a display surface.

floor to ceiling framed mirror rests on the wall behind a modern, sleek, white bath tub

Limit Yourself

Don’t go overboard with your bathroom plans. The ideal bathroom serves as a refuge -- it's no place for fussiness. Scale down the variables to establish a soothing atmosphere, and stick to your budget.

outdated bathroom with a window in the shower stall, yellow tile on the floor and a green shower curtain

Cottage Bathroom Renovations (before)

These dowdy small spaces needed big help. With some creativity and hard work, they were given a much-needed makeover to restore their original cottage charm as well as up-to-date conveniences.

elevated white sink with a steel faucet and beaded board walls in a renovated bathroom project

Cottage Bathroom Renovation (after)

New gleaming fixtures, sleek white subway tiles, beaded-board paneling, and decoupage map wallpaper transformed this dingy old bathroom to a light, bright room.


black and white photo of a plain bathroom with a sink in a simple cabinet with a wall mirror above

Teen Design (before)

A trip to Italy sparked Zach Rosen’s interest in sleek interiors. He was 10. At 14, he conceived a plan for a gleaming remodel of his bathroom. He struck a cost-sharing deal with his parents, and then started work.

a stainless steel vessel sink sits on top of black granite sink counter top with cherry wood kitchen-cabinet base below in this teen's bathroom

Teen Design (after)

A stainless steel vessel sink is the room’s focal point. A dramatic wall faucet was installed through an opening in the mirror. Black granite in 12-inch squares is a glistening complement to the fixtures. Zach is tall, so he installed a kitchen-cabinet base instead of a shorter bathroom vanity.


close up of a bathroom sink with dark countertops, and a mirror hung above

Freshen Up Your Powder Room

The trick is to turn the challenges of designing a powder room -- the small size, the all-too-common lack of windows -- into opportunities. Use the space to display art that is better viewed at close range, to experiment with layered lighting, or to hang a striking antique mirror. Most importantly -- make a statement.

dark, wood paneling offsets a white marble countertop with a raised glass sink and steel legs in a small bathroom

Powder Room Pointers

Think about your space. Are you planning to update an existing powder room, transform a full bath into a half, or carve out a new spot within an existing floor plan? A larger space may have more design leeway, but in a tiny room, every item must function, fit, and contribute to the aesthetic.

mod style bathroom with a hanging white sink and wooden drawers hung on the lower-right side, below and a stand-alone modern tub in the middle of the room

Find Your Bathroom Style

Browse the bathrooms that inspire us, and get a variety of ideas to create your own fantasy retreat. From modern luxury to low-key charm, we assembled all of our favorites to jump-start your bathroom makeovers.


colorful green tiles (interspersed with light blue tiles) line the walls of a retro styled bathroom

Boldly Go Retro

This vintage tub and eye-opening tilework reflect a retro spirit. Vivid green and turquoise subway tiles echo the color scheme of the rest of this beach house.

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