messy living room
REAL LIFE., Karin Jarlstedt

Rachel's Living Room

Bright colors and graphic prints transform a young professional’s hand-me-down-filled home into a chic space fit for entertaining -- and beginning her married life.

See more of this amazing transformation.

messy living room
REAL LIFE., Marc Royce

Emily's Home Office

With a fresh coat of paint and plenty of new filing systems, organization expert Jodie Watson turns a mom’s mess around.

Check out the peppy finished product.

messy garage
REAL LIFE., Marc Royce

Emily's Garage

The Mencken garage―a dumping ground since the family moved in to the home several years ago―gets a total overhaul. (Yes, dumpsters were used in this makeover.)

You won’t believe the newfound space.

messy living room
REAL LIFE., Time Inc. Studios

Mallery's Living Room

A virtual playroom goes back to its roots as a living space for deserving parents.

See a living room that’s fit for the entire family.

messy home office
REAL LIFE., Karin Jarlstedt

Mallery's Home Office

It’s a wonder successful research psychologist Mallery Mayo got any work done in her disorganized space. Design expert Gia Russo comes to the rescue.

Check out the sleek small space.

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